Monthly Archive: October 2013

Oct 24

Wholesaling Real Estate for Quick, Low-Risk Profits!


Wholesaling Real Estate for Quick, Low-Risk Profits!  If you’re looking for an opportunity to build wealth using investment real estate, but you have no capital or credit, then wholesaling properties may be the perfect strategy for you. Getting started with wholesaling real estate is easy because when you wholesale houses you don’t need a real estate …

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Oct 08

Understanding Cash-on-Cash Return

Understanding cash on cash returns

Real Estate Investing for Beginners: Understanding Cash-on-Cash Return One of the most popular measurements used for real estate investing for beginners is called the cash-on-cash return. This metric is simply a percentage used to measure the return on cash actually invested into a rental property. It’s useful for predicting the financial performance of an income …

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Oct 06

Positively cash flow your rental properties….

Keep tenants from moving on the fly!

Positive cash flow is the key to successful buy and hold investment properties. As a buy and hold investor you want to maximize your cash flow by keeping tenant turnover at a minimum. Finding good tenants is a process that starts with how you advertise your rental property. I find that most of my rental …

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