Monthly Archive: January 2014

Jan 23

Important things you need to know before buying multi-units in low income areas

Multi units in low income areas

Many will preach that multi units are a shortcut to financial freedom.  Multi units are desirable as they are perceived to generate multiple income streams under one roof. While generating multiple income streams, there is still only one tax bill, one insurance bill and even if not 100% occupied they still generate income. When purchasing …

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Jan 16

Why are single family homes a good investment?

Investing in Single Family Homes.

Beyond the basics of why single family homes are a good investment! Single family homes are a better investment than stocks, mutual funds, bonds and gold!  You know the obvious reasons, tax advantages, appreciation, cash flow, leverage; there is no need to reiterate what others have said. Here’s the real reason why I like investing …

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Jan 14

Why should you hire a mentor?

The road to success...hire a mentor today!

Knowledge is never free! Whether investing in real estate alone or hiring a mentor, you will pay for your education one way or another. Hiring a mentor is the quickest way to reach financial freedom without compromising any more of your time and money than is necessary. Investing in real estate is easier than you …

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