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Investment Real me the money!

Is it for you?  Is investment real estate as glorified and sexy as the guru’s make it out to be? I’m sure many of you have seen the infomercials promising quick cash, wholesaling or flipping houses. Hollywood glorifies house flipping with their tv shows but fails to give you real numbers.  How much is fluff n buff and how much is reality?  If investment real estate were that easy and that glorious, everyone would be doing it, right?  How many of you have bought some kind of educational program from a late night infomercial guru, only to get the information, read it over and still have no starting point, and are left more confused and disappointed with the lack of results?

I’ll be the first to raise my hand!  When the real estate market went kaput in 2008 and a wave of foreclosures swept the nation, I could see the opportunity that presented itself.  I knew there was money to be made but knew nothing about investment real estate!  I started educating myself with books and searched for information on the internet, at the time there wasn’t much on the web about investing in real estate.  My journey began! I spent the next two years learning everything I could about investment real estate. I spent well over $40,000 on educational courses.  Yup, you read it right, over $40,000 and the best piece of information that I took from those classes were…get involved with your local REIA! Our local REIA is where I found like-minded individuals to network and share my trials and tribulations with

. It’s where I got my best education for a fraction of the cost of those late night infomercials.

I’m here to save you thousands of dollars and show you how to get started in real estate investing.

I will give you a road map on how to get started investing in real estate, and empower you to take control of your financial freedom. There is no other vehicle I would rather use to build wealth than real estate investments.

I bought my first investment property for $5,000, less than the cost of a new car.

I will show you how you can too!

I will show you how to build your real estate empire even if you are starting with little money in pocket. I will give you real information, make you do real work and give you real results for a fraction of the cost of any guru! I hope you enjoy my blog!


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    Your blog has to be one of the best blogs I have read on the subject so far. I have been searching all over through tons of different posts and your post answered all of my questions in just one post. I will bookmark this blog and will be back again.

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    I ponder as to why you labeled this specific posting, “Investment Real
    Estate Investor | Real Estate Investing for Real People”.
    In any event I actually loved it!Thanks for the post,Arletha

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