About me…

Neisha Vincent is a real estate entrepreneur, a savvy self-directed retirement planner and creative thinking extraordinaire who helps business owners and professionals achieve new levels of success through her educational and coaching materials. Neisha leverages her 10+ years of entrepreneur and marketing skills, sales training background, knowledge of business systems, and passion for wealth building to help professionals achieve their goals and objectives.

I am just like you, I spent thousands of dollars on the wrong products, that promised quick riches and an ease of doing business that was unrealistic. I have taken the first steps to financial freedom and independence from learning to implementing. 4 years ago, I took my life savings and started investing in real estate.  I bought my first rental property for $5,000 and continue to build my portfolio of passive income through investment real estate. When it comes to building wealth through investment real estate, slow and steady wins the race, there is no quick and easy way to build wealth. I have made real estate investing my full time career. As my portfolio of passive income grows, I enjoy the benefits of doing what I want, with who I want, when I want! Every year I spend more time creating memories with the people that matter the most to me, while my real estate investments continue to work hard for me even when I am not.

I’ve created a coaching program for beginners who want to build wealth through real estate investments. Even if you have a small amount of  money to start with, I can show you how you can build a million dollar portfolio and generate a passive income stream that works hard  for you so you don’t have to.  Real estate investing is not for everyone, that is why I offer a free consultation before you commit to my coaching program.

Not ready to take action…that’s ok! I hope you enjoy my blog and take away some useful information.

Happy Investing,

Neisha Vincent