Things required for paypal:

  • 1. PayPal account with Express Checkout Enabled
  • 2. PayPal API credentials
  • 3. PHP cURL support

If you have the requirements continue to configuration

a. Set up your Paypal environment and  Paypal API Credentials.

b. Configure thank you page after successful payment and configure the page for failed payment.

In the Express Checkout flow, the buyer:

  1. Chooses Express Checkout by clicking Check out with PayPal
  2. Logs into PayPal to authenticate his or her identity
  3. Reviews the transaction on PayPal. You can also include other checkout steps, including upselling on your Confirm order page.
  4. Confirms the order and pays from your site
  5. Receives an order confirmation.
  6. For more details about paypal checkout: https://developer.paypal.com/webapps/developer/docs/classic/express-checkout/integration-guide/ECGettingStarted